Airbus will launch a flying taxi in France for the 2024 Olympics

Airbus is planning to launch a flying taxi from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the center of Paris for the Olympics

in France in 2024. This writes

Taxi launch details are not disclosed yet,since two independent Airbus teams are working on the creation of technology - in Germany and in the USA. At the 53rd International Space Air Show Le Bourget, where Airbus representatives announced plans to launch a flying taxi in France, showed a Vahana single-seat electric aircraft from US developers. Another team has been creating CityAirbus flying taxi, which was introduced in March 2019.

It is not yet known what technology Airbus will eventually use to create a network of flying taxis.

It was originally planned that the aircraftCityAirbus, capable of traveling at speeds of up to 120 km / h over a distance of up to 30 km, should appear in major cities around the world by 2025. The weight of a flying taxi is more than 2.2 tons, CityAirbus is equipped with three passenger seats and one driver’s, however, the function of unmanned aerial vehicles will also be built in the aircraft. Cost CityAirbus be from 1 million euros.

Read more about CityAirbus here.


Airbus introduced its VOLana VTOL aircraft in 2018year It is planned that the device will be used as a flying taxi. It is built according to the scheme of a convertoplan, and the user will be able to call him through the application and get from one point to another, both within the city and beyond.


Yandex.Taxi since the fall of 2018 is testing its drones on the territory. Innopolis. Previously, "High-tech" drove on a unmanned taxi Yandex and recorded a video about it.