AirPods of the second generation entered the market

Today, the most popular wireless (really without wires, even between each other) headphones

are AirPods from the Cupertino company.Apple launched a new generation of its headphones on the market, and did not change the name, no digital or letter additions or prefixes, just new AirPods. The new product is still made exclusively in the classic white color, and their appearance is actually the same as that of the first generation. But, of course, there were some improvements, and we will look at them below.

What changed

Immediately pay attention to the price tags,since this parameter is very important for many buyers. So, the new wireless AirPods received a price tag of 13.4 thousand rubles. The case in this case is normal (with wire charging). If you order headphones with a case that supports wireless charging, the cost will rise to 17 thousand rubles. At the moment, you can purchase this gadget online, physical deliveries and arrivals to stores should wait a few days. By the way, if you already have headphones, you can purchase a separate case to have a wireless charging. True, the price tag of six and a half thousand somehow does not have to such a purchase.

Special features

At first there was information that in the new generationnew advanced features will appear, they will become waterproof, an active noise cancellation system will appear, and so on. However, the company decided to upgrade with minimal effort. That is why, probably, the name of the headphones has not changed, since it is a small restyling. And what then has changed? The wireless chip has changed, now there is an Apple H1, and earlier there was a W1. According to the manufacturer, the new chip is capable of skipping a wider range, so the sound will be of higher quality. In addition, the new headphones and a half times longer stay autonomous from the battery. Also, the gadget has become smoother and faster to switch from device to device in the Apple ecosystem. For gamers, too, there was a plus, the sound response delays in games decreased by a third.

But the most interesting innovation is the function.voice recognition. That is, the Siri assistant will now respond exclusively to the voice of the owner. This is also a plus of the new chip. Now you do not need to touch the headphones to call the assistant, just say the standard phrase, and the assistant is activated


Keep the wireless needles without charging fivehours of continuous work (music playback), if you talk, the charge is eaten in three hours. The case is set to charge Qi, in appearance as wired charging, only the LED indicator added, signaling the status of wireless charging. A new case can be charged and old headphones (original).

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