AirPods Pro: photo of the new charging case

The number of rumors and leaks around the new AirPods Pro wireless headphones is growing every day and

more. Some time ago, new AirPods Pro photos appeared on SlashLeaks. The new images do not reveal anything new, but show how the AirPods Pro charging case looks in pictures with higher quality than previously leaked ones.

Recall that earlier images got into the networklower quality. They were visible plastic cases of future AirPods. Numerous rumors suggest that the new high-performance AirPods may be launched in the very near future. The new AirPods Pro is expected to have noise reduction technology as well as a higher price than current AirPods. Some retailers even started selling headphone covers with a new design.

With regard to these photos, we cannot be sure that they are real. There is always the possibility that this is a quality fake of the new AirPods Pro.