AirPods Pro will be available in eight colors

The Chinese Daily Daily News released new information on the latest version of wireless headphones

AirPods Pro, which will be presented already invery near future. According to the information received, AirPods Pro will be available in eight colors, including white, black and the new “Midnight Green” in accordance with the iPhone 11 Pro models.

AirPods Pro

The source of the information received is not called. And, at first glance, eight colors in the line of wireless headphones seem to be quite a lot. Although this is not impossible, given that Apple has released Beats, similar to Solo3, in several colors.

The new message also confirms a number ofprevious rumors that AirPods Pro will have active noise reduction and water resistance. Last month, in one of iOS 13.2's beta firmware, MacRumors discovered an icon depicting never-before-seen AirPods with rubber earbuds that would probably help block out ambient noise.

Apple plans to release AirPods Pro just in time for the holiday shopping season this year, according to Economic Daily News, announcing that the headphones may be presented next week.

Indian blog MySmartPrice also said thatBlack AirPods were in development back in February, claiming they would have a matte finish with improved grip. Combined with the Economic Daily News report last week, claiming that the AirPods Pro will have a new metal design, the earphones and their charging case may look like the rear glass of the iPhone 11 Pro models, complete with matching colors.

Like higher-end headphones, AirPodsPro will probably have improved sound. Last week, the Economic Daily News also claimed that AirPods Pro will have several listening modes.

No wonder the more expensive AirPods Pro,likely to have a higher price than current AirPods. According to Economic Daily News, the price could start at about $ 259, $ 100 more than current AirPods with a case for wired charging.