AirPods Wireless Headphones: Answers to Popular Questions

On September 7, Apple introduced the AirPods wireless headset. Headphones connect to iOS device

automatically using a wireless connection and work 5 hours without recharging. We previously told about main features of AirPods. In this article, we will answer the most popular questions from users about the first Apple wireless stereo headset.

  • Question 1. What is the difference between AirPods and EarPods?
  • Question 2. Are AirPods fixed in your ears just like EarPods?
  • Question 3. Is it easy to lose the AirPods?
  • Question 4. How do AirPods connect to the iPhone?
  • Question 5. How to connect AirPods to Android devices?
  • Question 6. Can someone else connect to my AirPods from my iPhone?
  • Question 7. Can I use one AirPod earpiece?
  • Question 8. How many hours does AirPods work on a single charge?
  • Question 9. How many minutes of charge in the charging case do I need AirPods?
  • Question 10. How do I know the charge level of the AirPods and the charging case?
  • Question 11. How to increase the volume of the AirPods?
  • Question 12. How to play or stop music in AirPods?
  • Question 13. What is the sound quality of the AirPods headphones?
  • Question 14. How can I answer an incoming call using AirPods?
  • Question 15. Can I reject or answer calls using voice commands?
  • Question 16. Does Siri work without internet connection?
  • Question 17. What's in the box?
  • Question 18. What is the quality of the AirPods connection via Bluetooth?
  • Question 19. Are AirPods waterproof?
  • findings

Question 1. What is the difference between Airplans and Earpods?

AirPods connect to the device usingwireless connections, EarPods - traditionally, using a wire. The devices look the same, except that the Wireless AirPods are more Apple wired headphones and have several openings on the case. Weigh AirPods only 4 g.

Question 2. AirPods fixed in the ears just like Earpods?

Surprisingly, wired earpods are worsefixed in the ears than wireless AirPods. Maybe this explains the increased size of the AirPods compared to the EarPods, and perhaps the lack of wires, which, clinging to something, remove the devices from the ears. Even if you shake your head several times, the AirPods will remain in your ears. AirPods keep your ears tight even during training.

However, the AirPods form cannot be called universal. If EarPods do not suit you, then with AirPods, most likely, it will not be comfortable.

Question 3. Is it easy to lose Airplans?

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing the AirPods, isthey are easy to lose. But Apple added a compact charging case to the headphones. You will not lose the headphones if you always keep them in the charging case. If you still lost one of the headphones, Apple offers to buy the second for $ 69. This is better than buying a new pair for $ 159.

Question 4. How Airplans connect to iphone?

To connect AirPods do not need to go toiPhone or iPad settings. The gadget automatically connects to an unlocked iOS device when you first open the AirPods charging case. To create a pair of AirPods - iPhone, click Connect in the window that opens on the iOS device screen. AirPods automatically connect to all Apple devices associated with one iCloud account.

Question 5. How to connect Airplans to Android devicesam?

To connect AirPods to devices,working on the Android platform, you need to press the button on the charging case. As soon as the indicator starts flashing, go to the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone and select AirPods from the available devices.

Question 6. Ccan whether someone still connect to my AirPods from my iphone?

After you create a pair of AirPods -iPhone, and therefore, tie the headphones to your iCloud account, connecting any other iOS device that uses another iCloud account will be the same as on devices running on third-party platforms.

Question 7. Can I usebe one earphone AirPod?

Yes, you can only use one earpiece. Headphones automatically go to mono. In this case, in one AirPods, left and right sound channels are simulated, imitating stereo sound. Thanks to the mono one earpiece can be used to save power. As soon as one earphone is discharged, you take the second one.

Question 8. How many hours Airplans are working from one charge?

One charge AirPods enough for 5 hours of listening to music. Headphones work with a wireless charging case for up to 24 hours.

Question 9. How many minutes of charge at charging case required Airplans?

15 minutes of charging the headphones in a wireless case provide 3 hours of battery life.

Question 10. How to find out charge level Airplans and charging cover?

There are several to check the charge level of the headphones and the case.

In the charging case, the indicator shows the levelAirPods charge when they are inside, or the state of charge of the case itself, when AirPods headphones are pulled out of the case. Green light means the AirPods or cover is fully charged. Orange light indicates incomplete charge of the gadget.

Another way to check the charge level is to opencharging cover. A pop-up window will appear on the iPhone screen, reflecting the charge status of the AirPods headphones and the case itself, while the headphones remain inside it. You can also find out the battery level by asking Siri: “How much charge is left in my AirPods?”.

Question 11. How turn up the volume sounding Airplans?

There are no physical buttons on the AirPods casecontrol, therefore, to increase or decrease the volume level, as well as switch between tracks, you need Siri. Double-tap the headset to activate Siri and ask it to increase the volume. When you call the voice assistant playback is interrupted. You can also switch tracks and adjust the sound using the corresponding buttons on the iPhone, without stopping the playback of music.

Question 12. How to play or stop music at Airplans?

Play or stop music with headphonesAirPods can be in several ways. Motion accelerometers and optical sensors work in conjunction with the W1 processor, so playback stops when you remove headphones. As soon as you put them on, the AirPods turn on the sound. If you are listening to music on your iPhone and putting on headphones, the music will start playing through AirPods. Double-tap the headset to activate Siri and ask it to play or stop the track.

In addition, in the Bluetooth settings there is an option that allows you to change the default launch of Siri to play or stop music when you double-tap the headset.

Question 13. What is the sound quality of the headphones AirPods?

Despite the improved sound in the AirPods,The sound quality in wireless headphones is almost the same as wired one. According to the manufacturer, directional microphones and a built-in voice accelerometer help filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. In fact, not always the quality of telephone calls can be called excellent. But the sound quality of Siri does not cause questions.

Question 14. How to answer incoming call via Airplans?

To answer the call, double tap on one of the headphones, just as you call Siri. Unfortunately, an incoming call cannot be accepted or rejected with a voice command.

Question 15. Can I reject or replycall with voice teams?

You cannot use voice commands to answer incoming calls.

Question 16. Does it work Siri without internet connection?

Siri does not work without internet connection.

Question 17. What's in the box?

The kit includes an AirPods headset with a charging case, a Lightning cable and a quick headset guide.

Question 18. What is the quality connections Airplans by Bluetooth?

Thanks to the W1 chip, AirPods headphones have a largerange of reception. However, Apple does not indicate which class of Bluetooth devices the AirPods belong to - the first or second. The first class has a range of 100 meters, the range of the second - 10 meters. Presumably the chip W1 belongs to the first class.

Question 19. Airplans waterproof?

Apple does not indicate AirPods water resistance. It is undesirable to wet the AirPods and the charging case, despite the feedback from users about the positive results of the water-resistance test devices.


AirPods - A Typical Apple Product Firstgenerations. The strengths of the accessory include the lack of wires, fast pairing with ios-devices and ease of recharging in the case. Pleases mono, smart pause, automatically turn on the headphones when in contact with the ear, design and compactness. The obvious lack of a gadget is the lack of player control. Double clicking on the earphone activates the voice assistant, and already with its help you control the player. This is not always convenient: you have to get the iPhone.

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