AirPower will be released in late March

This week, Apple announced the iPad mini 5, iPad Air, updated iMac and 2nd generation AirPods, but not AirPower. However

sources say Apple plans to release AirPower at the end of March.

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After a couple of days, the last week of March will come, so we can assume that the “end of March” has already begun. Perhaps the company will add AirPower to its website immediately after the presentation on March 25th.

Sources report that AirPower will officially release the wireless charging device at the end of March, which will significantly increase the company's revenues for the second quarter of 2019.

For the first time, the company introduced AirPower along withiPhone X back in 2017. Perhaps there will be no more presentations, and charging will immediately go on sale. The delay in the release of AirPower adversely affected Apple, and the company does not want this to happen again.

We are not told from which sources information was obtained, so take this news with a bit of skepticism.

Recall that the Apple site was foundA new image of AirPower with the iPhone XS, which means charging will still come out. Earlier this year it was rumored that the mass production of the device began in January. If AirPower does not come out in March, then it can hardly be expected before September.