AirTag: Apple Tracking Device

Rumors have been circulating for a while about Apple’s new device for tracking. It can be used to

Tracking your stuff through the Latitude app. Thanks to the iOS 13.2 update, we know that the device will be called “AirTag”.

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On the iOS 13 file system.2, the name AirTag was found. The accessory can be connected to the iPhone and used to track personal items. So far, nothing else is known about the accessory, but most likely it will have a removable battery.

It is not known whether the device will work onBluetooth and Wi-Fi. Tags will only be compatible with the latest iPhone models that have the chips they need to work. If the company adds Bluetooth / Wi-Fi support, the older iPhone and iPad models will also receive tag support.

It is still unknown when Apple will release AirTag. This could happen in the coming weeks, given the mentions in the iOS update. However, it is impossible to predict the exact release date of the accessory.

Earlier it became known that the code name of the device is “B389”. Most likely, it will use the new Ultra-wideband chip to more accurately determine the location.