AirWave, EZBatteries, TabBlocker and other new jailbreak tweaks

Recently, a lot of interesting things are happening in the jailbreak area, and in the meantime, developers are not

stop releasing new jailbreak tweaks for your iPhone and iPad.

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Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks released last week, and start as usual with the best of them.

The best tweaks of the week


Airwave - free jailbreak tweak that adds more gestures to use AirPods with your device.

Other tweaks allow you to simply customize existing gestures, and AirWave adds two completely new ones. With it you can manage your music as comfortably as possible.

Read more about tweaks in our full review.


Ezbatteries allows you to easily and conveniently find out the percentage of battery charge of accessories connected to your device, such as AirPods.

After installing Tweak, you can double-tap the status bar to open a notification with information about charging your iPhone, as well as accessories.


No one likes to accidentally open extra tabs in the Safari mobile browser, by carelessly clicking on some kind of advertising.

New free jailbreak tweak TabBlocker save you from this problem. It allows you to add some sites to the black list so that new tabs will not open from them.

Other tweaks

AlbumHider: Allows you to hide albums in the Photo application (Julio Verne beta repository).

AppLabelValentineDay: Adds hearts to the application icons on the home screen (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Appstore No History: Clears history in the App Store (Julio Verne beta repository).

Artworkify: Adds album artwork to a screen with playlists in Spotify (Julio Verne beta repository).

HideStoryProgressSegment: Removes the progress indicator in the History in the Facebook application (CydiaGeek beta repository).

NoMailRotate: Does not allow the Mail application to change the screen orientation (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Quickunlock (iOS eleven): Displays immediately the home screen without a lock screen (Julio Verne beta repository).

RaiseToAnswer (iOS eleven): Allows you to automatically answer calls by lifting the device to your ear (Julio Verne beta repository).

ShazAnimTagLESS: Removes long animations when running Shazam application (BigBoss repository).

WorkFFS: Solves problems with hanging applications on devices with jailbreak (Packix repository).