Ajax StarterKit Cam with MotionCam Review: New Features in the Ajax Systems Security System

Ukrainian company Ajax Systems - developer of the same name security systems - introduced an updated version

its security system. A couple of years ago, the company headed for the “smart” home, based on the idea that their system (sold, by the way, in European markets) is a good foundation on which to add new features. In the current update, Ajax added automation scenarios in their own Malevich operating system, which allow them to perform certain actions in the event of “scenario” cases, expanded the functions of the Button button, released a new motion sensor with Photocamera MotionCam and allowed to connect more ReX signal amplifiers to one hub. In this review, I will share my impressions of the update.

Note: about two years ago we came out veryA detailed overview of the Ajax Systems security system. This text will focus on updating, but if you are not familiar with the capabilities of the system, be sure to read the detailed review, since almost everything in it is still relevant.

What is included?

A lot of boxes with devices came to the review - without this, you can’t test the new features of the operating system.

  • Hub 2 central (to work with MotionCam it is he who is needed),
  • motion sensor with MotionCam,
  • DoorProtect Opening Sensor,
  • Keychain SpaceControl,
  • Smart Socket,
  • Button Button

The first four are included with the StarterKit Cam,which costs 7500 UAH. The last two were needed to test new automation scenarios. Hub 2 can be bought separately for 4100 UAH, MotionCam will cost 2200 UAH. If you already have one hub and do not plan to part with it, then keep in mind that you can add two or more to the application to protect several objects.

</ img>

What do they look like and what are they for?

Design ... I think you see for yourself. Everything is white, smooth, no fault. There is an alternative in black. These are definitely not those devices that you want to hide out of horror out of sight. They will not violate modern design, will not attract too much attention, will not insult the household with their appearance. Probably the only place where Ajax Systems gadgets will look weird is some kind of old-terrible apartment that has not seen modernity for several decades now. Too much contrast.

In the box with each gadget there is a complete set of everything you need to install - mounts, cable, etc. The life of the installed batteries lasts for several years.

What is interesting about the update?

This is my first experience with Ajax, andThe review was not easy. To install this zoo, devices need 30 minutes of power. The hub must be connected to power (by the way, without it it can also work, but only 16 hours) and to the Internet, add to the application via a QR code. The device supports three independent communication channels - Ethernet and two SIM-cards transmitting data in a 2G network, including photo-fixation; up to 100 devices, up to 50 rooms, up to 50 users and up to 9 security systems can be connected to it. That is, he has enough technological stock not only for an apartment, but also for a large commercial facility.

Hub 2 allows you to quickly respond not only tointrusion into the room, but also on domestic problems - such as fire or flooding. The range of the network is up to 2000 m. To work with MotionCam, this model is needed, since it has support for the second new Wings communication protocol, which transfers pictures to the user's device, and which works in parallel with Jewelers.

A smart socket changes the color of the backlight todepending on energy consumption. If everything is turned off - the diode shines green, if it works at maximum speeds - purple. I basically only included a heater in it (by the way, it also shows the amount of consumed energy and current strength), and most of all I liked that the outlet can be turned off remotely and turned on according to a schedule.

OS updates have largely affected the outlet, for(and for other Ajax automation devices - Relay and WallSwitch) many scenarios appeared. For example, in the event of flooding or a fire, when the sensor detects movement or when the guard mode starts. When testing, I chose the most obvious option - to turn off the outlet as soon as the protection is turned on. Why waste energy when, in theory, no one is home or when everyone is sleeping.

The same disturbing Button Button in girlhood,Now it has matured and acquired new opportunities - management of automation devices. In the application settings, it can be set to different functions for short and long press. If you want, help will call, if you want, it will turn everything off. In control mode, she has scripts for other network devices. In my case - only for the outlet. Scenarios are not compatible with alarm mode.

</ img>

Keychain SpaceControl is designed to enable / disable / switch security modes, night mode.

The DoorProtect wireless door open sensor consists of two parts (in the photo below), it reports a hacked door or window. It is installed on all types of doors, including on a metal base.

MotionCam looks like a motion sensorMotionProtect (which in turn costs about 1100 UAH), only the camera module is still built into it. Specially for the new sensor, Ajax developed another proprietary data transfer protocol and it uses two: Jeweler to inform about alarms and Wings to transmit photos. The range of the network is 1700 m in open space, the camera takes even in the dark and transfers images for 9 seconds. In practice, I didn’t detect it, but, in my opinion, everything happens instantly. For those who follow notifications and respond on time, this is a real way to save time and nerves. The device has a built-in battery that will last four years (or up to 2.5 years if the “entry delay” function is enabled), and the charge status can always be tracked in the application. Also, the sensor has a number of anti-burglary functions - it will inform you if it will try to jam or tear it from the mount, there is protection against forgery.

The camera only works when turned onsecurity mode and alarm detected. There are three levels of sensitivity. On average, even a slight movement of the hand does not go unnoticed by MotionCam, the response is instant. Less than 20 kg and 50 cm does not respond to the movement of objects, so it will work fine in apartments with a cat. The range of motion detection is 12 meters, the maximum resolution of images is 640x480 pixels.

There is one nuance associated with the operation of the device. Although the sensor responds to movement on either side of itself, the camera cannot capture what is directly below it, for obvious reasons. The horizontal viewing angle of the MotionCam is 88.5 °. Therefore, it is worth placing the device indoors exactly as shown in the picture. Recommended height - 2.4 m.

</ img>

MotionCam is about the same story as withsocket - connecting and controlling the gadget is so simple that it’s hard to figure out how to describe it. The device is simply added to the application and is ready to work from now on. Further in the settings, you can adjust some of the nuances for yourself. Decide how many pictures the camera will send when it is triggered (one to five can be used), adjust sensitivity, image quality, etc. (all in the screenshots below).

For this sensor, alarm scenarios are configured in another in the menu.

In the dry residue

Ajax made a decent update in the lineup,However, in this company, to envy, is constant. Scenarios are generally a free thing, and if you already use the system of this company and you have the necessary sensors in the kit, then the new features will not cost anything. If you already have a set of Ajax devices, then you should decide for yourself whether it is worth paying extra for new functions (Hub 2 and MotionCam will cost about 6,000 UAH) or until there is no special need for it. If you are only thinking about buying a security system in an apartment or small office and looking towards Ajax, then in choosing between a basic set without MotionCam and with it, I would advise you to pay attention to the second option, since the price difference is not so great ( about 20%), and there are many additional benefits.

4 reasons to buy Ajax StarterKit Cam:

  • support of the Ukrainian manufacturer, which definitely deserves it;
  • The best ecosystem on the market (including a convenient and functional application);
  • You are tired of fighting with your current security system and the problems of compatibility of its components;
  • Upgrading an existing Ajax home system for new features.

3 reasons not to buy the Ajax StarterKit Cam:

  • you want to first train on cats cheap security systems;
  • you do not need photofixation functions from the security system;
  • You already have an Ajax security system and you are pleased with its current capabilities.