AKG N200: review of the golden middle ground wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have recently begun to flood the consumer market quite quickly. Acceleration

due to the fact that many manufacturersSmartphones have stopped equipping their products with an analog mini-jack headphone jack. In addition, with the advent of the fifth generation of Bluetooth technology, wireless headphones began to offer quite decent sound quality. Of course, it still doesn’t suit audiophiles, but music lovers are quite happy with it.

Under consideration is the AKG N200, priced at 11thousand rubles, as far as the price corresponds to the quality, we will analyze below. Today, wireless headphones are present in the ultra-budget segment and in the top one, that is, the price tag can start from a couple of hundred rubles and without an upper limit. AKG N200 is a category of middleweights, and, based on the quality of past models, the price tag should be justified.

What do they look like

The headphones look solid, the build qualityalmost perfect, in addition, the manufacturer offers them in several interesting colors. The cable connecting the headphones has a reinforcing braid that perfectly protects the cord from tangling. It’s even impossible to provoke the creation of a tangle-knot typical of many headphones.

Magnets are built into the headphones, so it’s convenientwear around your neck when not listening to music. You can not be afraid that they will fly off and get lost, magnets reliably attract headphones, creating a kind of lock. They are accompanied by a control panel, you can also use the voice assistant that is installed on your smartphone.

Pairing the headphones is a fairly simple procedure: just turn on the headphones and hold the switch for a bit, very quickly a new device will appear in the smartphone, select it and that's it, the connection is made.

Sound quality

With a normal smartphone that has a fifthgeneration of "blue-tooth" and support for the aptX codec, the sound quality is amazing. The speed over Bluetooth 5 is really high, and the frequency range is not cut, so the bass sounds deep, high-quality, detailed, without merging into one big monotonous pile. Power and quality, it seemed, was unrealistic for such earbud headphones - it was fully revealed. Low frequencies are thick. But others do not interrupt, everything remains in its place, music and songs sound almost like live, the sound is warm and a little festive.

However, this is only one side of the coin, and there isone nuance that can ruin the idyll that formed in the tandem of the Mi A3 (with an American processor) and the AKG N200. When you pair these headphones with a smartphone, for example, Galaxy Note, put the same tracks as for the first time, then the experience will be unexpectedly completely different. The sound turns into a flat and inexpressive something, listening to this is simply boring, the quality is close to the middle from the bottom. And this is due to the fact that in the case of the Chinese smartphone, the headphones used aptX, in the case of the Samsung device, which is equipped with its own Exynos chipset in the European market, this processor-level codec is not supported and in general, aptX is Qualcomm's proprietary codec, and all Snapdragon processors support it. The Korean smartphone transmitted sound to the headphones using another codec - AAC.

However, the same Samsung, which is sold in the United States andin Asia, it has exactly the Snapdragon under the hood, respectively, there is support for AptX, and the sound is again transformed into a real masterpiece. The circuit works with other smartphones and different processors.

In addition to a thick and pleasant bass, headphones give outhigh-quality mid frequencies, however, their range is not so wide, but this is not required, the vocals are enough for the eyes, and more is not needed. The upper frequencies are also pleasing with the range, there are many of them, and they are all detailed, as if separated from each other. Equally good sounds like rock, and all kinds of electronic music. In general, the sound is perfectly balanced, and is perfect for those who like to listen to whole music, and not lay out the compositions on separate notes. Of course, such an experience will only be possible if aptX is used, so before buying these headphones, you should find out if this codec is supported on your smartphone.

The headphone’s operating time from one charge is eight hours, it charges quickly, in ten minutes a charge is accumulated per hour of work.

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