Alan Wake 2 died in the development stage, and Remedy has no strength to continue the series

If you are a fan of Alan Wake, the developers from Remedy Entertainment will not be able to please you in the near future.

What is known

Journalist VG247 Meets Work Managerwith the public studio and asked about the future of the series. According to Thomas Pooh, Remedy has already tried to make a sequel, but the game has died at the prototype stage. The developers even made a demo version that never left the walls of the studio. Now Remedy is working on three projects that have not left forces to continue Alan Wake.

The developers are busy with a fantastic action game.Control, a supplement for the Korean crossfire shooter, as well as an unknown project that was assigned to the Vanguard unit. So start the development of Alan Wake Studio prevents the lack of "time, money and resources." Yet the rights to the series still belong to Remedy, so Alan Wake can still return.