Alcatel and BlackBerry Owner Announces First Foldable Tablet

2019 clearly showed that flexible devices are of great interest to users - a joke

whether, despite the presence on the market of Samsung GalaxyFold and Huawei Mate X, even fading in recent years, Motorola managed to make a splash with its RAZR 2019! Apparently, Chinese companies also understood where the wind was blowing, and therefore decided to hurriedly announce their decisions in this segment.

So, a fairly large manufacturer of TCL, inwhose assets include such once-legendary brands as Alcatel and BlackBerry, he decided to present his new device within the framework of CES 2020 - a folding flexible tablet TCL Foldable. Moreover, the device is just like a tablet, since in the folded state there is no sense in it due to the absence of any display in the non-expanded state. In general, the company, although it showed the public its new product, is still little known about it: from the few official information there is the fact that the TCL Foldable is equipped with a 7.2-inch display, as well as a quad camera for taking photos and videos.