Alibaba's machine vision algorithm distinguishes images better than humans

The Visual Question Answering (VQA) Challenge 2021 revealed the best machine vision algorithm - AliceMind.


of the competition, more than 250 thousand images were used, which the algorithms studied, and then had to answer 1.1 million text questions about what they saw.

Alibaba's AliceMind algorithm did the best: it even surpassed humans in accuracy. Over time, this gap will only widen, the developers say.

Computer vision is one of the mostactive areas for research and development in China. It can be used to search for products on websites, analyze medical images, initially diagnose diseases, and develop self-driving cars.

Alibaba believes that the algorithm is notwill supplant human labor, but will be able to remove routine from it. For example, computer vision will be able to conduct primary medical analysis without distracting doctors from their main responsibility - to make an accurate diagnosis.

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