Alien glass found in the desert: it appeared 12 thousand years ago after the explosion of a comet

The authors of the new work investigated the chemical composition of the unusual glass that appeared in the Chilean desert

Atacama about 12 thousand years ago. It turned out that the fragments contain minerals of extraterrestrial origin.

The researchers compared the composition of the fragments,found in the glass, and found that the substance is very similar to that that was delivered to Earth in 2004 during the Stardust mission - then the device collected samples from the tail of comet 81P / Wild.

The authors believe that extraterrestrial glass particles are the remnants of a comet, similar in composition to 81P / Wilda. About 12 thousand years ago, it exploded over the desert, and its red-hot particles fell on the sand.

For the first time, we see reliable evidence thatthat glass on our planet was created by thermal radiation and incandescent air currents from a fireball that exploded directly above the Earth. To have such a powerful effect on such a large area, it had to be a really powerful explosion, not comparable to ordinary meteor explosions.

Pete Schulz, professor at Brown University

The authors are confident that they are dealing with a comet explosion,because they found minerals of extraterrestrial origin in the glass. In addition, some of the pieces under study, most likely, were formed in the course of a large-scale catastrophe, as the glass was twisted and crumpled.

The zircon minerals inside the glass disintegrated and baddeleyite particles formed - they form only at temperatures above 1,670 ° C.

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