All harassment trials at Elon Musk's car factories will be held in open mode

Over the past 5 years, Elon Musk's company Tesla has been sued 46 times for sexual harassment at work.

The company's lawyers pushed employees to transfer cases on claims to arbitration - a closed regime. Discuss

Didn't get another harassment lawsuitapproval of the court for consideration in arbitration, so the process will be open. The decision was made by Judge Steven Kraus, who dismissed Tesla's appeal.

We are talking about a lawsuit against Tesla by a former employeeJessica Barraz Company. She worked at the Fremont plant in October 2018 and filed a harassment lawsuit in November 2021. The victim commented on her lawsuit by saying that Tesla's Fremont plant was a hotbed of "unbridled sexual harassment", while any complaints from employees were ignored.