All smartphones in the Russian Federation must have Russian software

At one time, in order to have the right to use a smartphone (then just a mobile phone), a citizen of the Russian Federation had to

register it with the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and receivespecial permit with green crust. And if a user used his mobile phone on the street and was unable to present this authorization document to a law enforcement official, the device could be confiscated and a considerable fine imposed.

Domestic software

Today times are different, thank God, but as far ashave they changed? Legislation in recent times as if in an earthquake, constantly something amazing appears. Here and the law regulating communication pleases again: the Ministry of Communications has developed a bill according to which all smartphones and tablets sold on the territory of the Russian Federation are obliged to have Russian software, and prohibit the sale of everything that does not contain a domestic software product. The new document will soon be published on the site of the department, ostensibly for public comment.

According to representatives of the liaison office, the purposeA new initiative is the elimination of discrimination against our domestic software developers. It is necessary for them to provide the opportunity to cooperate with all manufacturers of electronic devices on the market of the Russian Federation. It is assumed that the government, or rather, its individual branches, will themselves develop lists of those devices that are required to pre-install Russian applications, as well as the software that will be pre-installed. In this case, it is explained that in the latter case we are talking not about specific applications, but about types of software categories. Manufacturers, however, may be given the right to choose the appropriate Russian developer.


In that bill after discussions andThe modifications will be accepted, there is no doubt that the consequences of this adoption are interesting. What changes are waiting for the domestic mobile market? If you look in the direction of the Android device segment, then, in fact, nothing special will happen, as the manufacturers who register in our market try to pre-install some third-party applications without any laws in order to have a competitive advantage and increase attractiveness for the Russian buyer. . Everything is much more difficult in the case of Apple products. The company, as you know, is jealous of its software, and that pre-installed on its products. Kupertinovtsy do not aspire to pre-install any third-party software, especially Russian, into their iPhones in their factory. There is the opinion of some experts that in the event of pressure on Apple, the company will be much more profitable to leave the Russian market, especially since the percentage of revenues from our market is not so large, if more precisely, it is miserable in comparison with more loyal leaders.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Communications is not the firstwho promotes such an initiative, the Russian anti-monopoly company proposed such a bill earlier; however, the Ministry of Communications then warmly supported the FAS initiative, calling it very promising, but requiring additional modifications and coordination in many aspects.