All three iPhone models of 2020 will have OLED displays.

Information has been leaked that Apple plans toRelease all three new iPhone models with OLED displays.

The displays of the two models will become even larger, and the third will haveSmall 5.42-inch display.

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According to the information, the smallest iPhone will have a 5.42-inch display, while the other two will have a 6.06 and 6.67-inch displays. The news is based on information received from suppliers from Taiwan.

For the 5.42-inch iPhone 2020, Apple uses either Samsung Y-Octa technology or LG TOE touch. This will not only reduce the cost of the OLED panel, but also make it thinner.

Despite attempts by LG Display, Samsung Display will remain the main supplier of OLED panels for Apple in 2020. It is not yet clear whether LG will even deliver its OLED panels to the company in 2020.

In 2019 we expect the same as in 2018. The two iPhones will have a 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED displays, and a 6.1-inch model will have an LCD display. Sources say that in the first half of 2019, Apple will release about 80-82 million smartphones, and for the whole year their number will reach 180-190 million.

We recommend taking this news witha bit of skepticism, although we have heard more than once that by 2020, Apple will fully switch to the OLED panel for the iPhone. If Samsung can fulfill the request of Apple, then the transition to OLED-displays is quite feasible.

I wonder if Apple will be able to increase the display of the new iPhone 2020 without increasing their case. And will the small 5.42-inch iPhone fit into the line?