Alliance against Google Stadia? Microsoft and Sony have teamed up for cloud computing

While gamers argue that it is better - PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, Microsoft and Sony join forces for the future of the industry.

What is known

Companies have announced that they will cooperate fordevelopment of cloud technologies, developing new solutions based on Microsoft Azure. In the future, Sony and Microsoft plan to use the developments in their own games and services. In addition, the Japanese company plans to introduce technology Azure in existing services, perhaps it is a question of the PlayStation Now.

Looks like Google Stadia has made a big game.companies are again looking hard at cloud technology. Sony has already launched its own service, while Microsoft is only preparing Project xCloud for release. It is not excluded that the “game giants” saw a competitor in Stadia, which could change part of the audience, and decided to work together to fight back.

“Working together, companies strive to providemore perfect entertainment to your customers around the world. These efforts also include creating development platforms for the community and content creators, ”says a press release.

Companies are also planning to join forces inareas of artificial intelligence, expanding the functionality for consumers. Sony already wants to use Microsoft's AI platform and tools in its own products to improve the interaction of this technology with users.