Alpha version of Star Citizen space simulator received a major update

The developers of space simulator Star Citizen have published a video in which they talk about

key features of the released update 3.6.

What's new

The update brought two new ships to the game,improved control system, as well as new versions of space stations and terminals. The reputation system has undergone larger changes: now mercenaries and hostile ships under the control of AI will hunt for the players who are criminals. For minor offenses, fines will be charged, and immediately from the gaming wallet. Each system has its own laws and security forces, so before flying to a particular planet, it’s better to become familiar with its jurisdiction in the logbook. However, the developers have expanded the functionality of the black market, there you can now perform illegal and well-paid tasks.

Play alpha version 3.6 can all users who financially supported the project. Total Star Citizen budget has already exceeded $ 229 million.