Alphabet will make industrial robots more affordable

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has set up a new company specializing in software for

robots. Intrinsic comes from Research Laboratory "X", which is engaged in advanced developments.
Previously, Division X was split into several other independent businesses within Alphabet, such as autonomous car company Waymo and the Verily science group.

According to a blog post by Wendy Tan-White,of the company's chief executive, Intrinsic will focus on developing software tools designed to make industrial robots "easier to use, cheaper and more flexible."

The publication states that training robotsTasks take a long time to complete, require specialist engineers, and reduce company productivity and hinder economic progress. As a result, local production is hampered and the world becomes increasingly dependent on international "production fortresses."

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This, in turn, creates ineffective,expensive and environmentally harmful import-export relations. Wendy Tan-White cites the World Economic Forum that 70% of the world's goods are produced in 10 countries, and the International Transport Forum says that 30% of all harmful emissions from transport are associated with freight transport.

Working in collaboration with the Alphabet teams andpartners in real production, Intrinsic researchers tested software that uses techniques such as automatic perception, in-depth learning, motion planning, simulation, and force control.

Source: Wendy Tan-White

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