Already on the day of release, Borderlands 3 became the most successful game in the series

Borderlands 3 was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC back on September 13 and broke the record for the second game in the series.

What is known


Gearbox Randy Pitchford boasts of successthe third “board” on the Twitter page. According to the studio boss, the peak number of users playing Borderlands 3 at release is twice as high as Borderlands 2's "all time."

"Interesting fact:PC data shows that Borderlands 3's peak concurrent player count on release day is twice as high as Borderlands 2's lifetime peak. Wow! You guys are amazing!,” Pitchford wrote.

According to Steam Charts, online peakBorderlands 2 climbed to 123,596 players. So Borderlands 3 had about 250 thousand people playing at launch. In comparison with other games in the series, the result is also encouraging: the peak of the original Borderlands was 23,443 players, Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced was 22,271 people, and The Pre-Sequel collected 67,244 users.