Already seen the new Samsung Galaxy Buds +?

Early next year, Samsung is preparing to surprise the mobile community again with the announcement of an updated

product lines.Of course, the main favorites will be the new flagship Galaxy S11 and the new foldable smartphone. Reports indicate that the manufacturer is also set to release updated Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds. And these allegations were confirmed.

Galaxy Buds +

After decrypting the latest version of the applicationSamsung SmartThings for Android XDA Developers have discovered several animations related to the upcoming product, called "budsplus". This is a separate new version of the accessory, which differs from the original version of Galaxy Buds and does not have the «+» designation.

Samsung animation fully demonstrates howit will look like a charging case, as well as wireless headphones. Note that the South Korean giant plans only domestic updates. According to rumors, they include the addition of active noise cancellation and possibly longer battery life.

Apparently, the Korean is planningposition the new Galaxy Buds+ as a direct alternative to Apple's recently announced AirPods Pro. This also indicates that the original Galaxy Buds will continue to be sold alongside the newer and presumably more expensive Galaxy Buds+ version.

New Wireless Headphones ExpectedSamsung Galaxy Buds + will be presented at a separate event on Tuesday, February 18, along with the entire Galaxy S11 series and, possibly, Galaxy Fold 2. Deliveries should begin shortly after this, and it is possible that the company will offer them for pre-order.