Alternatives to the iPhone XS: no worse, but cheaper

Holy wars between users of iPhones with iOS and smartphones running Android have been going on since the very birth of Google's OS.

and everyone pulls him in his own direction, they sayThe operating system is many times better. But there are many people who don’t care what operating system is on their smartphone. It is important for them that the device works quickly, is reliable, has many popular applications, has a high-quality selfie camera and an Internet connection. That is, users simply need a flagship, powerful and beautiful smartphone with any OS on board. And the current flagship from the Cupertino company iPhone XS has all this - it has powerful hardware, moisture protection, a high-quality large OLED display, and the ability to unlock by face. However, there is one important drawback - the price tag, which exceeds 80,000 rubles, and this is for the initial configuration. Can everyone afford such budgets? Obviously not, at least in our country with an average salary of 300 dollars a month or 25 thousand rubles.

Android alternative

In this case, the market has in store a number of alternativesAndroid, which in terms of characteristics is in no way inferior to the Cupertino flagship, and in some respects superior. And they all certainly have a huge price advantage. In front of the iPhone.

Galaxy S10e

Official and longtime competitor to AppleSamsung with its interface model Galaxy S10e. The characteristics of the device are top-end, it is not bulky, a 5.8 ”chic AMOLED display, aluminum and fifth-generation Gorilla Glass on both sides. Moisture protection is also present. Outwardly, the smartphone looks even more profitable due to the lack of a large cutout, since the front camera is located in a small hole in the corner of the screen.

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Smartphone got a high-performance processorExynos 9820, if it is inferior to the A12 in performance, then this difference is absolutely not visible in the work. There is not a single application in the world today that would make Exynos 9820 slow down. Any modern games at high settings, video and so on, everything just flies. On board, 6 gigabytes of RAM are installed (there is an option with 8 gigabytes), a drive with fast memory of 128256 gigabytes. You can expand the storage for files with a card of 1 terabyte. As for the photo capabilities, in this regard, manufacturers go head to head, the average user will not notice the difference in the quality of the photo. The autonomy is comparable, the battery is 3500 mAh. And the most delicious is the price! It amounts to only 35,000 rubles for the basic version.

Huawei P30

The company from the Middle Kingdom Huawei broke intothe mobile market is relatively recent, but has already managed to conquer markets around the world. Of course, in a wide assortment of the manufacturer there are models that can easily compete with the iPhone XS, and one of them is the P30 (there is a more advanced Pro device, but we need compactness). Immediately pay attention to the screen, which received a high-quality bright and saturated OLED matrix with a diagonal of 6.1 ". As for the design, here Apple is quietly on the sidelines, since the P30 case is very sophisticated in this regard. Everything shimmers, everywhere laminated glass and a cut of aluminum, in general, looks very solid and expensive. Moisture protection, of course, is present.

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As for the technical characteristics, hereeverything is in order, the high-performance Kirin 980 chipset is working under the hood, which pulls any of the heaviest modern games at ultra-high settings. Onboard installed 68 gigabytes of RAM, a drive for 64 or 128256 gigabytes. The photos are just amazing. The manufacturer has been repeatedly recognized as the best camera phone. On the back, the camera flaunts three modules at once: the first with a 40 megapixel sensor, the second with 8 megapixels, the third with 16 megapixels. The last module received wide-angle optics and optical triple zoom (zoom). The standard capacity battery is 3650 mAh, and the price tag is very tasty - 40 000 rubles! Compare this to 80,000 for an iPhone with similar specs.