Amazfit GTS review: Apple Watch for the poor?

They say about Amazfit GTS that they are the same Apple Watch, but not for all the money in the world and for Android. With the same design, with Always On.

display, training modes, notifications from a smartphone. The watch has recently appeared on sale, and gg decided to check how true the rumor is. Moreover, Amazfit GTS is a relative of the best-selling smart bracelets in the world - from Xiaomi.

What is it?

Amazfit GTS Smart Watches UnveiledSeptember along with the more classic Stratos 3. Equipped with a 1.65-inch rectangular AMOLED display. Waterproof (you can dive to a depth of 50 meters), they can measure steps, heart rate, monitor the pulse, know 12 training modes, allow you to control music playback from your smartphone and cost about $ 200 and are available in six colors.

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How do they look?

We had a gray model on the review. It looks gloomy in the pictures, but in life they are quite neutral, fit into any color scheme of clothes. And, I think, it’s more practical than light, as the marks of socks will not be visible on the belt. Externally, the Amazfit GTS is really as close as possible to the Apple Watch compared to everything that went through the hands of the editorial staff gg. Similar, but completely different in detail. There is only one control key, the traditional clasp of the strap and its shape is different - at Apple Watch it is all in bends, here it is flat. At the same time, it is just as flexible, so it is more convenient to fasten the watch (Fitbit Versa 2, for example, is completely oak).

The ends of the watch are metal. The Amazfit GTS control button is located in the center of the right end. I prefer the Fitbit option, when the button is located on the left and does not bulge out much, because otherwise it can interfere during training if you bend your hand (for the bar, for example) and do not pull the clock higher in advance. On the other hand, in winter, under the layers of clothing, this arrangement is more convenient. Well, it’s more classic, it’s the de facto standard. Behind - as usual, a heart rate monitor.

In general, I would characterize the appearance of the Amazfit GTS as utilitarian and worthy of the money that is asked for in hours.

What about the screen, dials and widgets?

Amazfit GTS has an AMOLED display with1.65-inch diagonal and 341 ppi pixel density, rounded 2.5D glass. The specifications indicate that the color range covers 100% of the NTSC space. There are no questions about the maximum and minimum backlight values. In the dark, the watch does not blind, but at maximum - a large supply. The colors are saturated, this is also no problem. There is a question for the screen timeout - the maximum value is 15 seconds. By default, it is 6 seconds, and for each movement in the direction of increasing, the watch reacts with a battery reminder. Fear God, I offer the user some minutes - no one was dying from this. In Always On Display mode, you can select the format of the clock displayed. In addition to time, the clock shows the day of the week and the date and number of steps taken.

The dial options are the sea. And in spirit they, in my opinion, are very reminiscent of the Apple Watch. Most of all I liked the standard - it is ascetic and informative at the same time. Clock synchronization takes a couple of minutes on the strength - until recently, I didn’t even think that it was important. Moreover, they can be changed both in the application and right in the watch. But the watch retains only the last three available versions.

This model supports widgets. There are 17 of them at the same time, there can be up to seven (not on all the dials, like in the Apple Watch. For some reason I couldn’t change it, it seems to me that there is something with the software part of the device, because there are a lot of videos on the Internet where everything is changing beautifully.

In addition to the main screen, the watch offers two moredesktops, this is the “state” (here the number of steps, distance and calories burned), as well as heart rate. When you click on the corresponding menu, you can either start the action or see more detailed information.

What can they do?

Amazfit GTS mobile application and the platform as a whole inherit the capabilities of Xiaomi smart bracelets.

The sports menu has 12 training modes,among which are different types of running, walking, elliptical trainer, free training, skiing. There is no automatic activity tracking. The easiest way to get into the workout mode selection menu is by long pressing the control button. But if you are not one of those who need this function, the button can be used for other purposes. In the training mode, the clock shows on one screen all the monitored indicators - speed, calories, pulse (with the color designation of the zone) and further - depending on the mode. Thanks to the built-in GPS for running, you can not take a smartphone. True training modes and options to listen to music right from the clock are not here. But you can see all your last workouts in the menu section with the marvelous name “Activities”. For lovers of hiking, there is a compass.

Amazfit positions device as suitablefor those involved in swimming. GTS can recognize swimming position and record data such as SWOLF, pace or calorie consumption. The manufacturer's website indicates that they tolerate spray, swimming and snorkeling, but are not suitable for high-speed water sports, hot showers and diving.

Amazfit GTS has a curious feature - on the curtainNotifications can lock the screen. I thought I could use it during training, but it wasn’t there, the operating system, inherited from smart bracelets, does not support multitasking. You cannot lock the screen and start training mode at the same time. The maximum that can work in parallel is a training mode and alerts from instant messengers.

But there is a constant pulse monitoring in the modereal time. Of course, it negatively affects the battery charge. But here with autonomy, everything is not so bad as to deny yourself the monitoring of this parameter. Moreover, other functions are based on it. For example, such as PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence, that is, activity analytics) - the application motivates the user to move more often to avoid heart disease, and gives virtual rewards for a constant load. Also in the application, you can track on which days with cardiac activity something was wrong or how intense the load on the heart as a whole was. I was surprised to find that I have a low pulse at rest, I never thought about which indicator is correct, but here everything is written.

Sleep analysis may also be more or lessdetailed, and the duration of the charge depends on this. But as I wrote earlier, I treat this function in smart watches and bracelets as a toy, because different devices show different phases during the same time. Also, watching a movie in a movie theater can be considered a dream. The sleep analytics here is also some kind of children’s (she lay down late, woke up late, slept longer that night, I know). However, as in all other smart watches, that I have ever seen.

The smart features of the Amazfit GTS are scarce. They show alerts from a smartphone, they have an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, calendar, reminders. It seems that everything is there, but still there is a feeling that this is a fitness tracker, not a smart watch. Reminders need to be installed on the smartphone. You cannot set seconds for a timer. The alarm clock has a bug - the pending signal does not work. But again, it seems to me that something is wrong with the firmware of our sample, because I have not seen other complaints.

Alerts from the smartphone are displayed in fontcomfortable size, but the alignment is always strictly on the top and the transfer is done without taking into account the rules of the Russian language. Therefore, like that. And space is used irrationally.

You can’t reply to messages, this is a characteristic feature of not only Xiaomi watches, but also the budget segment as a whole, although Huawei does not even have this option even in the top model Watch GT 2.

There are several modes in the device settings“Do not disturb” - constantly on, timing (the translators had in mind the schedule-triggered mode ”and intelligent. I used the latter. During the day they arrived, the clock did not disturb at night.

Amazfit GTS does not support third-party applications. In my opinion, this thing has ceased to be stupid and has become an advantage for smart watches. But since we have a budget model, all bribes are smooth from it.

How much battery does it hold?

The characteristics of the watch indicate that they canwork 46 days with disabled modules. This is probably something like a “smartphone in standby mode”, a spherical figure in a vacuum. In the mode of use, 14 days are declared. This is with constant heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, 150 notifications on the screen, 30 time views, 5 minutes of other operations per day and 3 times a week for 30 minutes of GPS operation. I got 5-6 days.

I started using fully chargedhours on Tuesday, next Monday 10%. During this time I went for three workouts and once for a short run (GPS tracking works on the street when tracking jogging). In the settings, I chose only alerts from all messengers except Telegram, and it accounts for about half of the activity, that is, the load on the battery from vibration alerts was also less than average. The screen backlight is on average, the timeout is 6 seconds, but the Always On Display is active. Of the voracious - constant monitoring of the pulse and detailed monitoring of sleep. This is the autonomy of the Honor / Huawei smartwatch level, which is functionally comparable with this model.

How long do they charge?

Amazfit GTS battery capacity is 220mAh (lithium polymer). It takes 1:15 to fully charge the device. I once ran out of the house, noticed that 10% was left, in 23 minutes on charging it had grown to 46%. Charging, by the way, although not massive, but due to the magnet, the clock on it keeps normal.

What are the alternatives?

The closest competitors of this model in terms offeatures - Honor Watch Magic and last year's Huawei Watch GT. The difference, in fact, is only in design. In my opinion, it is cooler among competitors (the Watch GT also has a larger screen, for round hours it is an important nuance), but the question is who prefers what.

If you have a small budget, but it’s important for you to buyit’s a real smart watch, and not a grown up fitness tracker, I would recommend paying about 20% and ordering Fitbit Versa 2. Perhaps with Amazon delivery it will turn out cheaper (if that, we have an article on how to buy abroad online ) They are not only more smart (for example, they allow you to reply to messages, music from a smartphone or listen directly from your watch through headphones, even from streaming services), but also more sensible in matters of healthy lifestyle and sports, since the platform has the ability to monitor all kinds of body indicators, optionally - buy paid modes of training, forming habits, etc. But there is one big drawback - the lack of localization.

In the dry residue

In my opinion, the ideal target audience of thismodels are users who started with Xiaomi fitness bracelets, have been using the company's services for a long time and have accumulated a lot of data about their lifestyle in them. Therefore, now, on the one hand, they are mentally prepared for an upgrade, on the other hand, they are already attached to the manufacturer. Amazfit GST cannot be called a full-fledged smart watch, since it has a closed ecosystem without support for third-party applications and limited smart functions, but it is already a more advanced and convenient companion for a smartphone than a bracelet. It’s convenient to read notifications from him and he looks more decent on the hand. Thus, if you really need a smart watch that will replace your smartphone from time to time, then this is not a choice for you. If you want to upgrade a smart bracelet, then Amazfit GTS is a good reason to do it.

3 reasons to buy Amazfit GTS:

  • You are already a user of the Xiaomi ecosystem and would like something smarter than a fitness tracker;
  • you have a small budget for smart watches;
  • you like the Apple Watch form factor.

2 reasons not to buy Amazfit GTS:

  • You are looking for a full-fledged smart watch and are willing to pay more;
  • You have previously used smart bracelets from another manufacturer that already has its own smart watch.

Specifications Amazfit GTS

1.65 inches, 348 x 442 pixels, 341 ppi, AMOLED, 100% NTSC, Gorilla 3 safety glass

43 × 36x9 mm

25 g (without strap)

Android 5.0 and later, iOS 10.0 and later

BioTrackerTM PPG, 6-axis accelerometer, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, light sensor

running outdoors and indoors, walking, ridingoutdoor and indoor cycling, open water and pool swimming, elliptical trainer, mountain climbing, trail running, skiing, free training

Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Glonass

50 meters

220 mAh (up to 14 days of battery life)

Amazfit GTS Watch

Fitness tracker in the watch form factor with the design of the Apple Watch.

This watch can most likely be attributed to advancedfitness tracker. Their strength is their low price, interesting color schemes and really good autonomy. The weak follows from the benefits - a minimum of smart features.

for Xiaomi fans


The editors thank the ALLO online store for the kindly provided Amazfit GTS watches for this review.