Amazfit Health Watch: another smart watch with an ECG sensor and an AI Huangshan No.1 chip for $ 100

Today, Huami (a subsidiary of Xiaomi) announced not only Amazfit Verge 2, but also another smartwatch model - Amazfit

Health Watch.

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The watch received a 1.28-inch color displaywith a resolution of 176×176 pixels. Inside there is a processor with Huangshan No.1 artificial intelligence and a 200 mAh battery, one charge of which is enough for 7 days of operation of the device.

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Thanks to its water resistance, Amazfit Health Watch can withstand immersion to depths of up to 30 meters.

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As the name suggests, first of all, watchesdesigned to monitor your health: they monitor your heart rate around the clock, detect pathologies, can detect falls and can transmit data about low or high heart rates.

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There is an ECG sensor here, tested by doctorsPeking University Hospital. Tests have shown that the gadget detects atrial fibrillation with 97.24% accuracy. The data of the captured ECG (up to 60 minutes) is stored on the device for a week.

If the user's condition worsens, the watch sends an SMS to the specified number or calls an emergency service. Moreover, a Bluetooth connection is not necessary for this.


Amazfit Health Watch is priced at 699 yuan ($100). Sales will start at the end of this month.

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You can choose from watches with silicone straps in different colors or with a brown leather strap.

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