Amazfit HomeStudio: smart treadmill with a huge 43-inch screen

Huami Brings Amazfit Smart Treadmill to CES 2020, Now Held in Las Vegas

HomeStudio, developed jointly with startup Studio. Live

What it is

More precisely, this is not just a treadmill, butthe whole home gym, as the kit comes with a large 43-inch vertical screen. During sports, you can look into it like in a mirror to fix your mistakes. But the screen itself will follow you using the ToF camera and indicate incorrect posture or movement.

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If you care about privacy - the camera can be “curtained” with a special curtain.

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Also on the display you can turn on not only episodesfavorite series, but also video lessons from the best trainers from around the world. And these are lessons and not for a treadmill: for example, yoga or stretching. Surround sound from JBL speakers complements the picture.

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During training, you can control the screen using gestures. It also displays data on training time, distance, calories burned, heart rate.

Now let's move on to the treadmill itself. There are two versions to choose from: a more expensive one with a belt drive and a maximum speed of 19 km / h and a cheaper model with a maximum speed of 14 km / h, which develops.

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The familiar front panel with buttons forthere is no control here: the remote control is a smartphone that can be mounted on the handrail on the right. The straps themselves are quite strong, so they can be used as bars during training.

When Amazfit HomeStudio goes on sale and how much it will cost is still unknown, but Huami promises that the price will delight potential buyers.

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