Amazon asked to explain why the company provides a platform for anti-vaccination.

Schiff wrote similar letters not only to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, but also to the head of

Google to Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerbergfrom Facebook. In all three cases, Schiff criticizes the platforms for the “anti-vaccine propaganda” that appears on their website. He also criticizes Amazon for publishing paid advertisements for anti-vaxxers. “Every online platform, including Amazon, must act responsibly and prevent them from contributing to a growing public health disaster,” he says.

The letter contains a link to the recenta CNN study that showed that the vast majority of search results for the word "vaccines" on Amazon contain references to literature or films that criticize vaccination. CNN also claims that Amazon accepts paid advertising to promote anti-vaccination books and films.

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According to Schiff, scrolling through the results, you candetect a combination of antiscientific misinformation with films that, at a minimum, raise concerns from the point of view of evidence. As an example, he cites the film Vaxxed. His director is Andrew Wakefield - one of the first public figures who tied vaccines and autism. However, after the news of the Schiff letter spread to the media, links to Vaxxed disappeared from Amazon.