Amazon introduced a new Kindle 2019 reader with a screen brightness control and a $ 90 price tag

Amazon last updated the Kindle Paperwhite e-book last October, and now released the 11th generation.

ordinary Kindle.

What is known

This is the most budget "reader" of the manufacturer. She received a completely new design of the case weighing 174 g with the following dimensions - 160 × 113 × 8.7 mm. Its main feature was the presence of a built-in screen brightness control. The touch screen here is 6 inches with a resolution of 800 × 600, pixel density of 167 ppi and with new ink.

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Amazon Kindle 2019 equipped with 4 GB of built-inof memory. According to the manufacturer, this is enough to store 1,000 books. To connect to the Internet in the device there is Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. Battery capacity is not disclosed, but promise to work up to 4 weeks from a single charge. The same autonomy was in the previous generation.

Price and when to wait

New items can already be pre-ordered on Amazon's website.white or black with a price tag of $ 90. Sales will begin April 10th. If you decide to take, then we have detailed instructions on how to buy on Amazon with delivery to Russia and Ukraine.