Amazon offered to transport cargo on decentralized drones. Each screw in them is a separate drone.

Conventional drones for the transport of goods are a one-piece design with four or six

screws. The load on them is suspended from the bottom with a cable.

An Amazon patent application describesanother scheme. In it, several separate drones with one screw are fastened with cables with each other and with a load, forming an integral structure. Drones can perform various functions - for example, they can work all together or help one drone who acts as a tractor.

Amazon offers to carry out the case for cargo in the form of a wing to improve the aerodynamic properties compared to a conventional box.

Previously, engineers from Ben-Gurion Universitycreated a robot from a wheeled device and a quadrocopter. The device has a housing with variable geometry and four screws that allow it to take off to overcome high obstacles.