Amazon programmer has developed an artificial intelligence that will not let a cat into the house if he has a dead bird in his mouth

Hamm said that several times a month, his cat Metric bringsdead small animals and birds.

He brought more breathing mice and put them on Hamm's pillow.

At the same time Hamm does not want to leave the cat on the streetall night long, and it is impossible to lock him up at home, because he goes to the toilet only on the street. The programmer had to create an algorithm that locks the cat's door to the house for 15 minutes if the camera with the recognition system sees the cat along with some animal. For verification, artificial intelligence simultaneously sends snapshots of a cat to Hamm.

The programmer trained artificial intelligence infour months on 23 thousand photographs of cats with dead birds. Now, every time Metrics kills a bird, artificial intelligence also sends a donation from Hamm’s account to the environmental organization, Audubon Society, which protects birds.


Over the past five weeks, the algorithm has never let a cat with prey into the house. Only once did the neural network make a mistake by closing the door in front of the Metric, which did not have any prey with it.