Amazon rainforest sites put up for sale on Facebook

Parts of the Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook. In social network ads you can find

territories that belong to nationalforests and lands - they are legally owned by the indigenous peoples who live on it. According to the BBC, some of the sites are as large as 1,000 football fields.

Facebook noted that “we are ready to work withlocal authorities to resolve the situation ”, but will not take independent action and will not remove these announcements. "Our rules in relation to such ads requires compliance with the laws of buyers and sellers, we intend to adhere to the same position," - noted in the social network.

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An unnamed leader of one of the affected communitiesindigenous people urged social network to remove ads. According to him, despite the fact that it is illegal, the country's authorities will not interfere and stop the sale.

“Landowners feel impunity,therefore, they are not ashamed to upload such ads on Facebook and enter into illegal land deals, ”said Ivaneide Bandeira, head of environmental organization Kanindé.

Any user can find on salesites in the search engine Facebook Marketplace. To do this, in the service, you need to type the Portuguese counterparts of words such as "forest", "jungle" and select one of the states where there are forests of the Amazon as a location. However, some of the ads contain accurate pictures and coordinates of the territories for sale.

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