Amazon unveils new products including smart eyeglass frames with Alexa

Amazon has recently arranged a real holiday for fans of modern technologies, introducing a somewhat new

Smart speakers and smart displays have also been upgraded.Most of all, the guests of the event were interested in an ultra-budget smart speaker with a price tag of only $25 - Echo Flex.The speaker is like an adapter, plugged directly into the socket and is not designed for full listening to music, since the speaker is small and the sound quality with volume will not beSufficient.

From the column, users will know the latestnews on topics of interest, weather forecasts and so on. In addition, through this column (using Alexa) it will be possible to control home appliances in the ecosystem of a smart home. To the USB port, which is built into the column, you can connect various accessories, for example, a nightlight, you can use it as a charge for smartphones and other gadgets. Also, a smart speaker can become a home intercom

Wearable echo

Wearable devices were also presented at the part of Echo, the main option of which is to provide the user with the opportunity to interact with the Alexa virtual assistant anywhere and anytime.

Echo buds

High-quality wireless headphones thatequipped with active noise reduction technology. They also have a built-in assistant, and through them you can communicate with other devices. At the same time, in addition to Alexa, the headphones can work with Google Assistant, as well as with Siri, with the Russian voice assistant Alice, headphones and any other gadgets do not work. A compact case is used for recharging. With its use, the autonomy of the headphones extends for 15 hours. The price tag for Echo Buds is $ 130, they will be available at the end of October.

Echo loop

Updated smart ring to wear on your finger. Its cost is also 130 dollars. There is a small button on the ring that activates the virtual assistant. After clicking, you can give commands, ask questions and just talk with Alexa, for which two sensitive microphones are integrated into the ring. At the same time, the ring can also respond, because there is a small speaker, there is also a vibrator that gives signals when notifications or incoming calls are received on the smartphone (and you don’t hear). The manufacturer’s autonomy of the ring is one day, for a full charge it takes no more than one and a half hours. At the same time, the smart ring is protected from water, is not scratched and is offered in different sizes.

Echo frames

An interesting gadget in the form of frames for glasses. Smart rim is designed for those who are not used to wearing watches and rings, but wears glasses. For $ 180, the buyer receives a frame, with an integrated virtual assistant, which is at the service of the owner for a whole day (enough battery for so much). It should be noted right away that these are not AR glasses, there are no glasses here, there are no displays either, you can insert your own glasses with the necessary diopters. Four directional speakers are integrated into the frame, which form a directional sound beam. That is, your ears will be open, without plugs, but others will not hear what the voice assistant says.

Also, the frame will help with calls, you can give a command to call any number, take a call, the frame can say a notification that came to the smartphone.

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