Amazon will couriers deliver COVID-19 test kits to home

The number of kits that you can bring to your home is still limited, journalists say. Amazon launches

test delivery with the Seattle Coronavirus Damage Assessment Organization and the Gates Foundation.

The driver who will deliver the tests is alreadypassed special training in the processing of medical materials. In this case, if the test gave a positive result, the medical staff will immediately contact the person. Test delivery will be free.

Amazon notes that while it is delivering tests in an experimental mode and cannot fully promise the scaling of this service to other regions.

Now in 168 countries there are more than 381thousand cases of infection with this infection. 90% of all cases occur in seven countries - China, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Iran and France. At the same time, in China, where the virus came from, there is a significant reduction in the epidemic. Since the end of 2019, 16 thousand people have died from coronavirus infection, more than 101 thousand people have been cured. In Russia, there are a total of 495 patients with coronavirus infection, one patient died, 21 were cured.

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