Ambitious and Stupid: No Man’s Sky Creators Work on a New Project

At The Game Awards 2018, Hello Games Studio, which became famous for No Man’s Sky, announced the Last Campfire game. Featured Project

does not claim to be ambitious, but in the studio, in parallel, another game is being developed that can afford it.

What is known

In an interview with GamesRadar, Hello Games head Sean Murray admitted that the studio is working on a new, ambitious, big but stupid project.

"We also started working on something new - big, ambitious and stupid." - said Murray.

It turns out that the Hello Games team is working onLast Campfire, Beyond for No Man’s Sky, as well as an unknown project. Murray said that the studios had not yet managed to grow, but the developers are ready to work a lot on projects that they consider cool.

“We do a lot together, but I think it’sbecause we are all so passionate about it. And in some way we are doing something, because we are delighted with it. We can be productive when excited by the project, ”added Sean.