AMD will build the fastest supercomputer in the world of Frontier. He can perform a quintillion of operations per second!

It is already known that Frontier will install special versions of AMD Epyc processors - four graphics

CPUs connected by Infinity Fabric tires. The Slingshot interface can transfer data at speeds up to 200 Gbit / s per port. The total area of ​​the device will take 678 square meters. m, and the level of energy consumption will be 40 MW.

The cost of the project is up to $ 600 million. Frontier will be located in the American Oak Ridge Laboratory.

Frontier will probably be the first in history.a supercomputer that can do exaflops calculations. At the same time, in 2021, Intel intends to release an exaflops supercomputer Aurora, which also calls it “the fastest in the world.”

The most powerful supercomputer to date -Summit launched the National Research Laboratory of the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge in the summer of 2018. Its power at peak rates exceeds 200 quadrillion operations per second — millions of times more than a regular computer.