American billionaire appreciated the Soviet MiG-29 fighter he bought

American billionaire Jared Isaakman recently bought a Soviet MiG-29UB fighter jet. He shared

impressions and appreciated the plane.

Writes about this "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", whichtranslated The Drive material. The latter's journalists figured out the name of the buyer of the MiG-29UB from the collection of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who died in 2018. It turned out that the new owner of the fighter is businessman Jared Isaakman, founder of Draken International. This company is a supplier of used combat aircraft. And Jared Isaacman is a pilot himself.

In 2019, the entrepreneur sold his stake in Draken International. The Drive joked that maybe this money went to buy the MiG-29UB.

Jared Isaacman said that he bought the plane forpersonal pleasure. He wants to perform with him at the air show. The entrepreneur calls the exterminator a unique bird. He says that when you take off on the MiG-29, it seems that it is "a real spaceship." As a result, Isaacman described the plane as the most impressive one he flew.