American cardiologist sues Apple over Apple Watch smartwatch function

Cardiologist and medical school professor at New York University Joseph Wiesel submitted

in court against Apple.

What happened

The stumbling block was one of the functions of the Apple Watch smart watch. Wiesel claims to have patented technology for detecting irregular heartbeats, which is used in watches.

The patent talks about the usephotoplethysmograms to measure heart rate. The Apple Watch uses a similar method: the green LEDs in the watch blink, and light-sensitive photodiodes detect the amount of green light absorbed, which helps measure the heart rate.

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Back in 2017, the doctor turned to Appleand showed his patent, but the company refused to negotiate and continued to use the technology in the Apple Watch. Then the man went to court and is now demanding that the company be banned from using his development and to pay him monetary compensation.

Apple representatives have not yet commented on this situation.

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