American fighter jet has completed the release of a new nuclear bomb

In the United States, a video was published showing the tests of the American F-35A Joint Strike Fighter, during which he

worked out dropping a new nuclear bomb B61-12.

Writes about this "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Flight tests took place at supersonic speed. To practice the tasks, the military chose the Tonopah training ground in the state of Nevada. I must say that the tests were carried out on August 25th.

During testing, the fighter dropped a B61-12. The ammunition included functional non-nuclear components and a simulator of a nuclear charge. The F-35A fired a bomb from a height of about 3200 meters. The B61-12 successfully hit a conditional target: it took only 42 seconds to do this.

At first, the bomb was planned in free fall mode. Then her engines started to work. A special tail unit makes a controlled bomb. It also has an inertial navigation system.