American manufacturer of equipment for Internet providers Cisco will secretly return to Russia

On June 23 this year, the American manufacturer of equipment and software for Internet providers Cisco left

Russia. But money is not superfluous. According to three Izvestia sources, the company may resume deliveries to Russia. Perhaps not directly, but through intermediaries. Discuss

It is reported that the distributor can becomeIBS company (Cisco has a long-term cooperation with it). But direct deliveries of products are not excluded. The fact is that back in April of this year, the US Treasury removed telecommunications equipment from sanctions.

Cisco might want to return to Russia afterestimates of their losses from the voluntary termination of supplies, Lev Frenkel, CEO of R-Style Softlab, admitted. They are valued at $200 million per quarter.

Recall that the equipment manufacturer decided to stop its activities in Russia and Belarus on June 23rd. And the suspension of all business operations in the two countries occurred even earlier, in March.