Ammonia leak found on ISS

An insignificant ammonia leak in the US segment of the ISS does not affect the safety of the station and the crew and

does not in any way affect the Russian segment of the ISS.

Roscosmos representative

Agency source in the rocket and space industrytold that outside the American segment of the ISS found a small leak of ammonia - its rate is about 700 grams per year. According to him, the leak was localized using a special American device. In 2017, a similar problem was found and fixed elsewhere outside the American segment, the agency's source added.

Liquid ammonia outside the ISS is used to drainheat from the station modules into outer space. This chemical is classified as moderately toxic, but in high concentration it can be dangerous to human health.

The interlocutor of RIA Novosti claims that a similar leak in the American segment was in 2017, it was eliminated during a spacewalk.

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