An African company will develop a vertical take-off business aircraft.

Thanks to its vertical take-off capability, the VBJ will be able to take off from any helipad or even

an ordinary free point.According to the developers, this will significantly reduce the amount of time passengers spend on the road. Regular planes can only land on special runways that need to be reached.

VBJ will be made in the scheme nizkoplan. Two turboshaft GE Aviation CT7-8 capacity of about 3 thousand liters. with. each - they will be able to spin up four horizontal fans, thanks to which vertical takeoff or landing will occur.

VBJ mass will be about 5.7 tons. It is planned that eight passengers will be able to move on it at a distance of up to 4.4 thousand km. Maximum take-off weight, flight altitude and speed are not disclosed yet.

Pegasus Universal Aerospace is going to complete VBJ certification in 2024, and an aircraft may appear on the market as early as 2026. The cost of the device is still unknown.