An Airbus A310 MRTT aircraft flew four DT-25 unmanned tankers in the air for 6 hours

Airbus was able to successfully test Auto'Mate technology, which allows unmanned refueling to be implemented in

air. The company conducted two tests that lasted a total of 12 hours.

What is known

An air tanker took part in the testsAirbus A310MRTT. Auto'Mate technology allowed him to take control of eight DT-25 unmanned aerial vehicles in turn (four in each test).

Initially, drones were controlled by groundstations. After the drones reached the Gulf of Cadiz, control passed to the A310 MRTT. He managed to realign the drones to match the position of the aircraft that needed to be refueled.

Airbus specialists will studyGPS data, as well as information from LiDAR and cameras, to better assess test success. In the future, Airbus plans to conduct new tests, reducing human participation in them and, accordingly, increasing the level of autonomy.

Source: Defense News