An amoeba found in tap water in the United States damages the human brain

Texas authorities warned about the use of tap water - scientists found deadly there

an amoeba that damages the brain. Amoeba can also cause brain infections, which are usually fatal.

However, infection in the United States is rare: between 2009 and 2018, 34 cases were reported. Officials said they were disinfecting the water, but did not know how long it would take. So far, communities in Texas have been banned from using water supplies. The warning was filmed everywhere except Lake Jackson, a city of over 27,000 inhabitants.

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Authorities have warned that older people and people withweakened immune systems are "particularly vulnerable". Officials said they are cleaning the water supply system and will then conduct tests to make sure the water is safe to use.

Negleria Fowler is found naturally in fresh water around the world. It usually infects people when contaminated water enters the body through the nose and then into the brain.

Along the olfactory nerve, axon bundles andblood vessels of Negleria Fowler makes his way to the olfactory bulbs of the human brain, where he discovers a rich nutrient medium. Amoeba feeds, multiplying along the way and causing symptoms of meningitis - inflammation of the lining of the brain. Usually, the patient's condition only worsens, and the prescribed treatment does not lead to positive dynamics.

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