An animation of the interface appeared using the famous glyph iPhone 8

The world saw an image of the iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge display and codenamed “D22” thanks to developer Steve

Troton-Smith, who discovered the glyph of the device in the HomePod update.

Thanks to another developer, Guillermo Rambo, we can now see the whole animation, which uses the famous glyph.



Guillermo posted an animation on Twitter. There is nothing special about it, but we thought it necessary to share it with you for discussion.

He is not sure what exactly the animation will be used for.



We believe that it makes clear that the user must bring the device to his face.

This may be due to Apple Pay (Pearl ID facial recognition should replace Touch ID, and it is just as good, if not better).

We are inclined to believe that the animation encourages the user to bring the phone to his face so that the Pearl ID scanner can work.

Others have noticed that the animation looks like an illustration of NFC technology when setting up iOS, but it can also be used in other areas of the system.