An application for biometric identification of lost dogs by the nose has been created

Like human fingerprints, the shape and pattern of each dog's nose is unique to that animal. Iams company,

which makes pet food, has launched an app for identifying lost dogs by the nose - NOSEiD.

After downloading the free app foriOS / Android users follow the onscreen instructions and take close-ups of the dog's nose. Also, the owners provide a description of the animal - weight, size, color, breed. All data is combined into a profile that is uploaded to the cloud server.

When the dog disappears, the owner usesan app to send an alert to other app users in the region. If any of them meet a dog that matches the description, they use an app to scan its nose. After the scan confirms that the dog is indeed missing, the user contacts the owner through the app.

While the NOSEiD system works only in the cityNashville, Tennessee (USA), where the tests are taking place. However, anyone can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. They will be notified when the service becomes available in their area.

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