An electric plane with an intelligent control system appeared. He flies 250 km in an hour

The new electric plane accelerates to 250 km / h and can travel at this rate for about an hour. Air One Battery Charge

enough for about 177 kilometers of flight.

The Air One has a 60 kWh lithium battery. Air is positioning its products as a private aircraft and promises a relatively low retail price.

The aircraft can make vertical take-off andlanding. It also features four rotor propeller struts to provide lift, while the wings and dual tail fins keep the Air One in the air.

The company emphasizes that the wings of the device can be folded compactly, so the plane will not take up much space in the garage.

In addition, the device has a "smart"a control system that will help to carry out easy flights and will quickly learn. An AI-based monitoring system is also provided: it will deal with diagnostics aimed at identifying problems.

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