An engineer has created a helmet for fun shootouts: it instantly fires 54 foam darts at a target

Savage's helmet is perfect for impromptu battles with Nerf darts. He shoots with a stream

foam ammunition, but with a twist. The guidance system is automatic and controlled by a laser.

This isn't the first time Savage has done somethingrelated to Nerf. In 2018, he modified a Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K rifle and not only gave it a sci-fi movie look. He also modified it to fit a 1,000 Styrofoam magazine.

The starting point for a new invention isnot the original Nerf pistol, but an alternative D-DART model that uses the same type of darts. This is the D-DART Pro, a rapid-fire system consisting of a joystick attached to a 27-dart ring that wraps around the wearer's wrist.

By modifying two of these guns to increaserate of fire and range, Savage mounted them on either side of the helmet shell, using a motorized aiming system. As the icing on the cake, he, of course, installed comical emergency lighting. Then he created an aiming system focused on the left eye. The green laser makes it easy to choose which object to shoot with all 54 darts at high speed. The whole system is controlled by a manual button, which even has a safety system so as not to accidentally activate the trigger.

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