An Enthusiast Brought Half-Life: Alyx Into The BioShock Universe

Enthusiast Wim Buytaert has released a mod that takes the shooter Half-Life: Alyx into the BioShock universe. So

Thus, the cult BioShock has become a VR game.

The Return to Rapture mod itself includes eightparts with the world of Delight from the original BioShock. The modification contains enemies and weapons from Half-Life: Alyx. In addition, it also contains BioShock elements, including audio diaries, in-game vending machines, plasmids, and others. Among other things, they added their own plot to the mod with dialogues voiced by a professional voice actor.

A video showing what this unusual symbiosis of the two games is like can be seen below. The download of the corresponding modification is available at this link.