An experiment to prepare a flight to the moon began in Russia

An international isolation experiment has begun in Moscow to simulate the flight and disembarkation of people on the SIRIUS-21 moon.

The simulated crew consists of 6 people.

It included both Russians and representativesUSA and UAE. The commander of the "crew", Russian, instructor of the Cosmonaut Training Center Oleg Blinov. Together with him from Russia, the surgeon of the IBMP Viktoria Kirichenko, the ex-flight attendant of the Nordwind airline, and now the junior researcher of the IBMP, Ekaterina Karjakina, are participating in the experiment; from the United States - Bachelor of Russian Language and Literature William Brown, Representative of the US Space Systems Command Ashley Kowalski, and Saleh Omar Al Ameri, a test cosmonaut from the United Arab Emirates. The main tasks of the "cosmonauts" are to simulate flight, landing on the Moon and work on its surface.

According to the conditions of the SIRIUS-21 experiment, all participantsmust spend 240 days in a simulator of a spacecraft - a ground-based test complex in Moscow. At any time, each of the participants can leave the "ship" without explanation, but, as noted, there have been no such cases in the 60 years of the experiment.

Source: RIA Novosti