An extinct bird more than 130 thousand years ago was resurrected - its descendants still live on Earth.

Cuvier's rails lived on the island of Aldabra near Madagascar about 400 thousand years ago. Because of

In the absence of predators, the birds gradually became flightless, and as a result of the flooding of the island, which occurred 136 thousand years ago, they became completely extinct.

Researchers found that as a result of the Ice Age, the sea level dropped, and about 100 thousand years ago the island rose out of the water again.

After this, Cuvier's shepherdesses settled again on Aldabra.  Researchers speculate that they may have migrated from Madagascar.

Earlier New Zealand resident Michael Johnsonfound traces of an ancient, long-disappeared bird during a walk along the River Kybern. As scientists later found out, traces were left by an extinct moa - a huge flightless bird that lived in New Zealand until about 1445.